The wild child who is NOW a woman has woking up! | Molly Nichols

The wild child who is NOW a woman has woking up!

Several months ago I experienced what I believe to be another level of my own Spiritual Awakening. I began to look deeper at my underlying beliefs about, well, everything.It’s been the intimate journey of self discovery. And WOW, have things shifted.

There was a time in my life when I was an outspoken young woman who shared what was on my heart no matter the consequences.

I didn’t want anyone to tell me what to do.

I marched to the beat of my own drum.

Yes, my voice and my “don’t tell me what to do” attitude did get me in trouble at times but I never cared.


I LOVED who I was.


I was free.

I didn’t hold back.


I was ME.


But, somewhere along the road of life I lost this part of myself.


I lost the wild child who bathed in the magic of life.


I became afraid.


I tried to be the good girl.


I incessantly apologized for my needs or when I felt I had upset someone.


I tried to be and seem perfect.


Always trying to figure out what was wrong with me when things were not working with other people.


I wanted to get it all right.


I learned how to play nice and to follow the rules.

I compromised and learned how to manipulate myself into being okay with less than I wanted, needed or desired.


I kept my mouth shut.




Something inside of me began to stir…


The wild child who was NOW a woman was waking up!


It’s felt like opening my eyes for the first time in years.


Like being reborn or shedding an old skin.


My past ways of thinking and BEing no longer worked or felt aligned.


This experience has felt deeply sacred in so many ways.

Day by day I create more and more space for my true, authentic, intuitive, wild, awakened, magical self to come to the surface.  


This feels like self love on a level I never knew could exist.


I wake up in the morning with my mind filled with joy and excitement about the day ahead.

Because, the truth is I’d been suffocating on the inside of that pretty little box that made everyone else feel comfortable.

I’m owning who I am and what I want!


It feels like FREEDOM!


That’s why I created the School of Awakened and Intuitive Living.

I wanted to create a sacred space for you!


So you can own ALL of who you are and set the wild woman within you free.

So you can claim and call forth what you truly desire in life, family and business.

Now more than ever we need a place filled with like-minded women who can hold us, when the people closest to us may not understand the re-birth that is occuring within our souls.


So if you’ve been asking, how have I lost so much of myself…  


If you feel movement or a restlessness in your soul…

If something is shifting and waking up within you…

If you want more from life and are done apologizing for it…

If you believe in the magic and miracles of the universe…

If you’re a seeker, dreamer, achiever, deep thinker, action taker, sensitive or healer…

If YOU’RE ready to get the tools and ongoing support to follow the call of your soul’s knowing by living a fully authentic, awakened, intuitive, spiritual life.

SAY YES to yourself right NOW and join me in >>The School of Awakened and Intuitive Living!

Oh my goodness, I cannot wait to connect with you there!

Love and the biggest hug,



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