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The little voice inside your head

Several months ago I experienced what I believe to be another level of my own Spiritual Awakening. I began to look deeper at my underlying beliefs about, well, everything.It’s been the intimate journey of self discovery. And WOW, have things shifted.

What has the little voice in the back of your mind been telling you?
Is it empowering you?
Or does it leave you feeling powerless and even broken?
See, that little voice is automatically on repeat.
It rewinds and repeats
Rewinds and repeats
“I’m so tired.”
“I’m so angry.”
“I should be doing more.”
“I’m not doing enough.”
“I’m broken.”
“I’m too old.”
“What will they think?”
“What am I doing wrong?”
“What’s wrong with me?”
You may say and ask yourself over and over again.
The little voices inside our heads are very powerful and if we casually disregard them and don’t actively work to transform them they CAN and WILL steal our energy and life force.
Now YES, you may be tired, angry, sad etc. and that’s NOT bad.
You have been given each HUMAN emotion for a reason.
They ALL have value.
But, it’s when these disempowering stories or ideas begin to own you…
When you begin to believe they are the truth of who you are…
When you feel like you’re the only one who feels this way…
You can mentally and emotionally FORGET the TRUTH and magic of who YOU are and all that IS possible.
The BEST way to take back your power and to remember the truth, is interrupt the tape.
AND to welcome in new daily practices, thoughts and ideas about the TRUTH of who you are, what you desire and what is possible for YOU.
What if the tape in the back of your mind was that of love and kindness?
I love myself
I’m full of energy
I’m worthy
I’m enough
I trust myself
I give myself grace
I’m loved
I’m happy
My voice matters
My needs matter
The lens through which you view yourself and what is occurring in your life WILL change.
Your life force will increase
Your fertility will increase
Your health will improve
You’ll know it’s safe to have a voice
You’ll be more present and patient as a mother
You’ll trust yourself and the decisions you’re guided to make on a much deeper level.
And so much more.
This is just one aspect that I’ll be teaching in the School of Awakened and Intuitive Living.
You’ll be learning how to embrace where you are at TODAY while shedding the old to call forth the life that you desire.
Both on an internal and external level.
So I want to ask you…
Is your soul feeling called to the School of Awakened and Intuitive Living?
Are you ready to change the tape in your head to one of love and self acceptance?
Do you want to be a part of a community of powerful women who will support you in your next level of awakening and personal development?
Yes?! Then take my hand here now.
Your soul knows what it needs!
Let’s do this, Love.
Love and the biggest hug,
P.S. Are you hesitant to enroll because you’re not in the best place mentally and emotionally right now, but in your soul you know you want more from life? Then I want to assure you this program is for YOU. It doesn’t matter where you are at TODAY. What matters is where you want to go and what you want to feel and if you are WILLING to do the inner work to get there. Yes? Then no more hesitating…join me now!
P.P.S. Did you see the Awakened Money Bonus that you get when you enroll? During this workshop I’ll be breaking down the exact steps I used to transform my beliefs around money, how I’ve gone from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance + I’ll be leading you through a guided visualization to support you in shifting your energy and relationship with and around money! Join me now!


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