Awaken-2015 | Molly Nichols






Awaken Session 1: Taking Back Control Of Your Mind

In Session One, you’ll experience a guided fertility visualization that will support you in seeing what you truly desire for the future of your family. Plus, you’ll discover how to begin to regain control of your thoughts and emotions, and release your fertility fears and worries.

Session One: Full Session Download

Session One: Visualization Download 

“In this moment I am choosing to live in my heart, trust my body and connect with my baby.”

“I am present to how I am feeling in this moment, and I am choosing to allow myself the space to feel, without guilt or self criticism.”



Awaken Session 2: Trusting Your Body

In Session Two, you’ll experience a guided fertility visualization that will support you in reconnecting, loving and trusting in the inner wisdom of your body. This is especially important if you are worried about your fertility diagnosis or your age affecting your fertility. 

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Session Two: Visualization Download

“I am tuned into my body and I can hear and trust her wisdom.”

“I trust that my body can and will support my pregnancy.”

“I trust my body.”


Awaken Session 3: Why Self Love is Essential

In Session Three, you’ll experience a profound self love and affirmation visualization. Plus, you’ll learn what it actually means to love yourself unconditionally, and why it’s crucial while trying to have a baby and in motherhood. 

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Session Three: Visualization Download

“I love myself.”

“I love, accept and appreciate all of me.”

“I am worthy of motherhood.”

“My baby loves me and knows that I am their mother.”


Awaken Session 4: Womb Clearing 

In Session Four, you’ll experience an energetic womb opening and clearing visualization. You will also learn how you hold energy in your womb and heart based on past traumas, stories, or ideas that you have about yourself and your womb. 

Session Four: Full Session Download 

Session Four: Visualization Download

“My womb is open.”

“I am deeply connected to my womb and to my body.”

“In all of my being, I am ready for motherhood. I welcome my baby into my heart, into my womb and into my life.”

“My womb is open and ready for conception.”


Awaken Session 5: Connecting With Your Inner Child

In Session Five, you’ll be led through a visualization where you’ll meet and connect with the little girl that lives within you. 
 You’ll learn about your “Inner Child” and why she needs love, support, and affection from you on a regular basis. 

Session Five: Full Session Download

Session Five: Visualization Download

“The little girl within me is filled with love, and has all of her needs met.”

“I will remember to connect with the little girl within me to ensure she knows that she is loved, safe and cared for.”



Awaken Session 6: Bonding With Your Spirit Baby

In Session Six, you’ll be led through a visualization where you’ll call your baby into your heart, your womb and your life. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of spirit babies, and the impact connecting and bonding with your future child prior to conception can have on your chances of pregnancy.  

Session Six: Full Session Download

Session Six: Visualization Download

“I trust in my connection with my baby.”

“I receive the love my baby is sending me.”

“I am open to deepening my connection with the spirit of my baby.”



Awaken Session 7: Conception

In Session Seven, I will lead you through a detailed visualization around conception. You will learn about the power of visualizing conception, whether it be during natural conception IUI, IVF, FET or egg donation cycles.   

Session Seven Full Session Download

Session Seven Visualization Download

“I am pregnant”

“My eggs are filled with love and life”

“Conception is happening on all levels spiritually and physically”



Awaken Session 8: Surviving the Two Week Wait

In Session Eight, you’ll experience a guided visualization that will support you while you are in your two week wait. Plus, you’ll learn powerful tips to keep your mind, body and spirit in a grounded space as you wait for your results.


Session Eight Full Session Download

Session Eight: Visualization Download

“I am pregnant”

“I open and connected”

“In all of my being I am ready for motherhood. I welcome my baby into my heart and into my life”

“I trust my body. I trust my baby. I trust myself”