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Fertility Mindset Tools?

Hi, I’m Molly!

Mama, fertility coach, healer and the queen of guided visualizations.

And I know the fertility journey can take you to some pretty raw, dark places.

As the months pass, it becomes harder and harder to TRUST in yourself, your body, and in the deep and beautiful connection you have with your baby.

But did you know there’s a unique set of tools you can implement that can increase your fertility as well as transform the way in which you navigate your fertility journey?

Where the ups and downs will lessen, your connection with the spirit of your baby deepen, all while increasing your physical fertility at the same time?

Yes, this IS possible, and I’d be honored to show you how!


Because I struggled for 7 years to become a mama.

Say it with me…

“I welcome my baby into my heart and into my life. ”

“I trust the timing of my life.

“In all of my being I am ready for motherhood.”

“I am worthy of motherhood.”

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Perhaps I’ve Seemed Insensitive?

Today’s message comes from the depths of my heart and soul.   Recently I was asked if I take into consideration how sharing my postpartum experience as a mom of 4 may impact women who are struggling to have their 1st, 2nd or even 3rd child.   And the answer...

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Acceptance Is NOT Giving Up

Lately I’ve been feeling called to the energy of acceptance.   Loving acceptance for this season of life.   Acknowledging, this is where I’m at right now, and that’s perfectly okay even in its beautiful messiness.   Yes, I want things to be different in...

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Postpartum: A Journey Into A New World

After giving birth to our Little Moon, I felt like I was in a place between two worlds. In some ways, I would even say I felt stuck between two worlds.   The world of what was before the baby…and the world of what was to be after.   My life and how I...

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She’s Finally Here!

I’m so honored and grateful to share that our sweet baby has finally made her arrival here earthside!   Tallula Moon Nichols was born at home on November 6th.   I’d always dreamt of having a home birth.   And after two c-sections I was pretty sure it...

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It’s time to remember…

I’ve been in a space of deep awareness over these last couple of months.   And what keeps coming to the surface is that we as women need to REMEMBER how truly magical and powerful we actually are.   Especially when it comes to accessing ALL the magic that...

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A Couple of My Thoughts on Egg Donation…

I’ve worked with countless women all over the world who have chosen to use an egg donor to support them in becoming pregnant and having their babies.   I think this is such a beautiful option, if it feels right and in alignment for you!   If you’re currently...

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