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3 Ways I Connect With My Children Everyday

I think that every parent wants their child to feel loved, confident, safe, and to be courageous in life.

I know that’s what I want for my three little ones.

That’s why it’s been very important for me to be aware of the messages I’m sending my children through my actions, behaviors, and energy.

Because, I know these precious souls are creating meaning and stories about themselves and how the world works more from what they see and feel, rather than from how they are told they should BE or feel.

They feel my joy, happiness, stress, fear, and anxiety.

They watch how I interact with technology, social media, texting, and email.

They watch how I argue and resolve conflict in life and at home.

They experience how open my heart is, and my ability to share and receive love.

They take note when I tell them “yes” and when I say “no, not right now.”

They notice how present I am with them, and they feel the energy behind my words.

They are watching, feeling, receiving, and creating meaning constantly.

As a parent in today’s world, we have to be conscious and intentional about the energy and stories we are sharing with our children, as well as communicating with them about what’s going on in their lives outside the home.

And for me it starts by simply slowing down to connect and communicate with my children on a daily basis.

These are 3 daily practices that have helped me along the way…

I Tell My Children I Love Them Every Day:

Our children need to hear that we love them. Even though we know we love our children, hearing the words “I love you” helps them feel safe in the world and in trusting that everything is okay. It’s especially important when you’ve had a disagreement or you’ve lost your temper.

A child who is confident in their parent’s love will likely have a stronger essence of self worth as they grow up and move through the world.

I Hug My Children Every Day:

As human beings we need physical touch and connection to thrive. For a child, this is even more essential. Physical touch in the form of a hug or a snuggle helps our children know that they belong, feel loved, and it even lowers blood pressure. This simple action also helps them trust they are cared for and are important to us.

I make a point to hug my little ones several times throughout the day. I also snuggle my children while we talk about their day, or have them sit on my lap while I read to them. These simple moments of connection will be what they remember as they grow up.

I Am Fully Present With My Children For Some Period of Time Every Day:

Now this can seem like a given, but with all of the technology and how fast life is moving these days, it can be hard to be fully present. So I’ve had to made it a priority. As little as 20 minutes a day has made all the difference.

This time builds trust between us, gives my children space to talk about their day, and allows me to ask questions about how they are doing. This is 100% uninterrupted time to connect. Sometimes it’s over dinner, or right before they go to bed, or a quiet moment in the afternoon. Whatever works as we move through our day.

I’ve found the best way to find out what my children are feeling, thinking, or needing is to simply take the time and space to connect, ask, and listen.

Then it’s my job to look within to see how I can support them better, or adjust my behavior and energy… if needed.

I know that the playing field of parenting always seems to change right when we feel like we’ve got it figured out. So, remember that raising your kids is a journey, and our children don’t expect us to be perfect.

They are our teachers, they are forgiving, they are open, and they are loving beings.

So, if you feel called to, take some time these next couple weeks to look at how you interact with your children, and the energy and stories that you might be sharing with them.

Celebrate what’s going well (something is always going well!) and adjust if needed.

Love and a big hug,


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