Acceptance Is NOT Giving Up - Molly Nichols

Acceptance Is NOT Giving Up

Lately I’ve been feeling called to the energy of acceptance.


Loving acceptance for this season of life.


Acknowledging, this is where I’m at right now, and that’s perfectly okay even in its beautiful messiness.


Yes, I want things to be different in the future, but this is what IS right now.


And there is no other place I should be, because if there was, I would be there!


I tend to resist acceptance, because I’m so used to pushing my way through life.


I go, go, go…


But today, in my sacred postpartum time, I’m CHOOSING acceptance as a self care practice!


I’m choosing not to push or to be some kind of super woman because I know it will lead to burn out.


It will also lead to me missing this special time in my life because I’d be overly focused on going and doing rather than BEing.


So today…


– I accept the slowness at which my days move


– I accept that I’m going to be sleep deprived for a while because I am choosing to exclusively breast feed and cosleep.


– I lovingly accept my body as it is right now and that my postpartum weight loss is going to be slower than I expected.


– I accept that my work schedule is going to be very limited because my sweet little Tallula wants to be held all day long and I’m choosing to honor her needs.


– I accept that my house is going to be a mess most of the time because AGAIN my sweet little Tallula wants to be held all day long and I’m choosing to honor her needs.


I think that too often we believe that acceptance means giving up or saying to God or the Universe that you’re content with what IS currently forever when in fact, it doesn’t.


Acceptance simply means that you’re being present to what is in THIS moment without the feeling that you “should” have done or “should” be somewhere else.


I see this a lot in my fertility clients.


They feel that if “perhaps” they would have done something different…


Would have started trying sooner


Wouldn’t have put so much focus on their careers


Would have went to a different doctor


Would not have done so many IVF cycles


Would have tried IVF sooner


Would have… you fill in the blank


Then today they would be in a different place OR would MAYBE have their baby.


When in fact, we can’t guarantee that if you would have made different choices in the past, they wouldn’t have led you back to this exact spot in life.


So today, if you’ve been beating yourself up about past decisions, take a breath and do your best to let it go.


Let go of the guilt


Let go of the regret


Let go of the shame


Let go of the “shoulds”


You did what you did


You chose what you chose




Because that’s what you thought was best at the time.


Acceptance, Love, is not giving up!


It actually gives you freedom in so many ways because it brings you fully into the present moment!


Acceptance is acknowledging where you are at this moment without judgment of it being good or bad…


Then from this neutral place, choosing what actions you’ll take next to support you in getting to where you want to go or how you want to feel!


When you are in acceptance, you’re also in the energy of allowance and receptivity, which is a very open place that deeply supports your fertility!


So, Love where are you feeling acceptance is needed today?!!



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