Are You Overthinking? - Molly Nichols

Are You Overthinking?

How much time do you spend in your head overthinking the details of your fertility journey?


With your mind stuck in an endless loop, thinking or worrying about…


The passing months


Your age


Your past or future treatment cycles




What the future holds


Why you shouldn’t be thinking so much


Why you shouldn’t be worrying so much


It never seems to stop, does it?


I know at times you wish you could just press pause and fully surrender and trust, right?


But here’s what I want you to know…


All those thoughts, fears and worries are NOT bad or wrong.


Your mind is working overtime because the desire you have in your heart to have a baby is SO strong.


Your desire is SOUL deep.


So please give yourself grace by remembering that it is the love you have for your future child that causes you to worry and overthink.


AND if you want to regain control of your fertile mindset, there are things that YOU can DO that can empower you as well as support your fertility and chances of pregnancy in a BIG way!


One of my favorites being… JOURNALING!


When you journal, you can actually go beneath the fear…


Clearing out all the noise…


Connecting with yourself as a mother


Connecting with your baby


Connecting with your body


Connecting with your intuition


While uncovering your SOUL’S truth about what IS possible and the best next steps to take.


The RIGHT journaling prompts can take you deep into the subconscious mind, providing you with both clarity and deep inner soul wisdom.


Love and Hugs,






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