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A Couple of My Thoughts on Egg Donation…

I’ve worked with countless women all over the world who have chosen to use an egg donor to support them in becoming pregnant and having their babies.   I think this is such a beautiful option, if it feels right and in alignment for you!   If you’re currently...

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Protected: Did You Know This About Me?

I cannot believe that I’m finally in my 3rd trimester. Yes, only 9 more weeks until this sweet soul will be birthed into the world! As I have been preparing for her birth, I’ve been reflecting back quite a bit. Especially to my first pregnancy with the twins. I’m not...

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Special News I’ve Been Waiting To Share…

I have some very special news to share with you. And in all truth, I’ve been waiting for the right time to share because I’m deeply sensitive to how my news may cause heartache in some. But, from the bottom of my heart, I hope that after you read this in its entirety,...

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I Never Saw Myself As A Healer

For most of my life I never saw myself as a healer. For years I was the one supporting other healers. At one point I even became a licensed esthetician and gave facials for a bit. But, after a couple of months, I came back to managing healers, massage therapists, yoga...

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What Can You Choose For Yourself?

Self awareness is a way of life for me. I’m obsessed with wanting to know why I do the things I do. Why I think the way I think. Why I feel the way I feel. This way of living life is not always an easy one. Truthfully, it takes a ton of personal accountability and...

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The First Time I Led a Guided Fertility Visualization…

I remember the first time I led a guided visualization.   It was during an in-person workshop I was hosting. I was so nervous, wondering if the women I was sharing it with were going to enjoy it. I was also nervous because, at the time, no one in my life really...

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Feelings of Confusion On Your Fertility Journey

I think that so much of the confusion that is cultivated when you’re struggling to have a baby comes up because you want to know that all you’re doing to increase your fertility are the RIGHT things. That you’re making the RIGHT choices. nd when you’ve done so much and still don’t YET have your baby, it can leave you feeling confused.

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Do you fully love and accept yourself?

 DO YOU FULLY LOVE AND ACCEPT YOURSELF?  I know this is a super deep question, right? But, I think it’s one that needs to be asked. And maybe your initial response is OF COURSE. (which is great) But, if you look deeper If you look at your thoughts If you...

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Total Fertility Reboot – Free Fertility Course

How to activate your menstrual cycle and regulate and balance your hormones, tips to increase your chances of pregnancy during IVF, FET and Egg Donation, how to begin healing your heart and body after one or multiple miscarriages, how to increase your fertility in your 40’s or when age is a concern, how to feel more of a connection with your spirit baby and how to have a conscious conception, how to release your mental and emotional fertility blocks so you feel more trust on your journey

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Overcoming Limiting Thoughts And Beliefs

I’m someone who is always on a journey to understand myself better. I want to know… Why I do the things I do. Why I think the way I think. Why what triggers me triggers me. Why I behave in certain situations the way I do. I want to know and understand what my...

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How I Became Pregnant After 7 Years of Infertility With IVF

For the 7 years I struggled to become a mother, this was the pattern. But, between the unsuccessful IUI and making the choice to go through IVF, something within me had shifted. I’d begun using fertility visualizations to support my fertility and my mental and emotional well-being. I’d been reprogramming my thoughts and beliefs around my fertility and what I believed to be possible for the future of my family. See, as far back as I can remember, I wanted to be a mama.It was one of the only things I’d ever been really sure of growing up.
And I was finally beginning to BELIEVE that I was worthy of motherhood.
But, the biggest shift that happened through this deeper inner work I was now doing to support my fertility…
Was in my heart for the first time I knew that one way or another I would be a mama.

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How to Increase Success Rates Of IVF and Egg Donation

When I ask my clients what they fear most when it comes to IVF, FET, or Egg Donation many of them say… What if it doesn’t work? If you’ve been asking yourself the same thing, I want you to know that you’re not alone. This is a very real and very natural question to be asking.
But, I think that you also need to be asking yourself…

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This surprised me the most about motherhood

One thing that has surprised me most since becoming a mama is how non-traditional I am…I homeschool, I co-sleep, I parent consciously, I teach my kids about energy, the chakras, gratitude, love and meditation.

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It affects me as a mama

My spiritual practices are not something I feel are just for me and not my kids. I teach and talk to my kids about meditation, energy, yoga, the chakras, etc. We have fun exploring these things together.

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Would you be willing to burn it all to the ground?

Would you be willing to metaphorically burn it all to the ground in order to have the life that you truly desire?
That’s what having a spiritual awakening feels like sometimes. I know this is an intense question and can feel SUPER scary when you tune into the surface of it.

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The little voice inside your head

What has the little voice in the back of your mind been telling you?
Is it empowering you?
Or does it leave you feeling powerless and even broken?
See, that little voice is automatically on repeat.
It rewinds and repeats
Rewinds and repeats

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Hi, I’m Molly!

I’m Molly Nichols, fertility coach, healer and mama of three beautiful souls.

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