• The Truth About Selling

    For as long as I can remember I’ve loved to SELL! My first jobs were in retail and there was nothing I enjoyed more than recommending something I loved and to see the excitement on the face of the person who was making the purchase. See, when I believe in something, I have to share […]

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  • Stop Making Excuses In Your Business!

    When I first started coaching clients I did most of my sessions in my car. I had two then three little ones at home and I couldn’t guarantee they wouldn’t start crying. So, the car became my office for a time! I also did not hire my first virtual assistant until 5 years into building […]

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  • Your Womb and Your Work

    Molly Nichols - Business and Empowerment Coach for Women

    When you have the desire to create something in your business do you stop, place your hands over your womb and connect with the essence and energy of creation that flows through every cell of your body? Most women don’t. See Love, your womb houses massive amounts of creative and intuitive wisdom. Your body literally […]

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  • The HOW?

    The How - Molly Nichols

    This one word This one statement Is what holds most entrepreneurs back from making the impact and income they desire. HOW? You ask. How did you build a business that reaches tens of thousands of women around the world? HOW? How do you cultivate such deep healing and transformation in your clients lives? HOW? HOW […]

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  • I Silenced My Voice

    I had SO much to share, but was afraid. WHY? I don’t want to upset anyone. But, if I tune in deeper Into that quiet place within my soul I know I silenced my voice because I feared being attacked, shamed or perceived as a bad person from those closest to me or the public. […]

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