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Overcoming Limiting Thoughts And Beliefs

I’m someone who is always on a journey to understand myself better. I want to know… Why I do the things I do. Why I think the way I think. Why what triggers me triggers me. Why I behave in certain situations the way I do. I want to know and understand what my...

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How I Became Pregnant After 7 Years of Infertility With IVF

For the 7 years I struggled to become a mother, this was the pattern. But, between the unsuccessful IUI and making the choice to go through IVF, something within me had shifted. I’d begun using fertility visualizations to support my fertility and my mental and emotional well-being. I’d been reprogramming my thoughts and beliefs around my fertility and what I believed to be possible for the future of my family. See, as far back as I can remember, I wanted to be a mama.It was one of the only things I’d ever been really sure of growing up.
And I was finally beginning to BELIEVE that I was worthy of motherhood.
But, the biggest shift that happened through this deeper inner work I was now doing to support my fertility…
Was in my heart for the first time I knew that one way or another I would be a mama.

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How to Increase Success Rates Of IVF and Egg Donation

When I ask my clients what they fear most when it comes to IVF, FET, or Egg Donation many of them say… What if it doesn’t work? If you’ve been asking yourself the same thing, I want you to know that you’re not alone. This is a very real and very natural question to be asking.
But, I think that you also need to be asking yourself…

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This surprised me the most about motherhood

One thing that has surprised me most since becoming a mama is how non-traditional I am…I homeschool, I co-sleep, I parent consciously, I teach my kids about energy, the chakras, gratitude, love and meditation.

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It affects me as a mama

My spiritual practices are not something I feel are just for me and not my kids. I teach and talk to my kids about meditation, energy, yoga, the chakras, etc. We have fun exploring these things together.

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Would you be willing to burn it all to the ground?

Would you be willing to metaphorically burn it all to the ground in order to have the life that you truly desire?
That’s what having a spiritual awakening feels like sometimes. I know this is an intense question and can feel SUPER scary when you tune into the surface of it.

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The little voice inside your head

What has the little voice in the back of your mind been telling you?
Is it empowering you?
Or does it leave you feeling powerless and even broken?
See, that little voice is automatically on repeat.
It rewinds and repeats
Rewinds and repeats

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What would it feel like to trust and love yourself so deeply that you woke up in the morning feeling alive and excited for the day?What if you trusted that you could have ALL that you desire in life in a way that works best to you?
What if you allowed other women to support you and the vision you have for your life, your family and business?
How would that feel?

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The wild child who is NOW a woman has woking up!

There was a time in my life when I was an outspoken young woman who shared what was on my heart no matter the consequences. I didn’t want anyone to tell me what to do. I marched to the beat of my own drum. Yes, my voice and my “don’t tell me what to do” attitude did…

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I am a writer

I’M A WRITER There was a man sitting next to me on the plane reading a book about poetry. He said that he was studying to be a poet and a writer. As we chatted for just a brief moment, I had the awareness that I too am a writer. I think I’ve resisted calling...

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I’ve been afraid

Several months ago I experienced what I believe to be another level of my own Spiritual Awakening. I began to look deeper at my underlying beliefs about, well, everything.It’s been the intimate journey of self discovery. And WOW, have things shifted.

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Can any good really be found?

How do you find the good in something that has broken your heart? How do you find a blessing when you’ve been through so much… Invested so much…Or even sacrificed so much to try to have a baby? Well my love, first you have to be open to it. Then you have to be willing to find it. And then you have to choose it. Yes, having this belief is a choice. You can choose to expect that good or a blessing can be found, or you can choose not to. But, either way you are choosing.

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Do you ever wonder if you’re meant to have a baby?

Do you ever wonder if you’re meant to have a baby? Like if it’s all meant to be, maybe you would have had your baby by now…Right?…WRONG! Just because having your baby has not been easy… Just because you’ve had to go through ALL you’ve been through… Just because you’ve not yet become pregnant… DOES NOT MEAN IN ANY WAY THAT YOU’RE NOT MEANT TO HAVE A BABY.

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My son called me out

See, I know that my children are ALWAYS watching me.They are listening, feeling and absorbing everything.My children are my teachers and my mirrors.So, when I casually criticize myself to a point that my son would notice and ask me about it, it shows that this is a behavior I’m reflecting to them.Which of course is NOT my intention. I also don’t feel guilty.This was simply an AWARENESS and an INVITATION for me to become more present to the way I speak about myself inside my head and out loud.

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My husband started journaling… Mind Blown!

My husband did not start looking inward because I told him to. Or tried to convince him to see value in something I was doing. I tried all of these things in the past…They NEVER worked. What worked… Was focusing 100% on myself.

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Hi, I’m Molly!

I’m Molly Nichols, fertility coach, healer and mama of three beautiful souls.

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