Do You Trust Your Womb? - Molly Nichols

Do You Trust Your Womb?

Hi Beautiful,


Do you feel connected to your womb?


Do you trust your womb?


Do you feel like you’re in a deep and sacred relationship with your womb?


If you answered no, it’s totally okay and actually, kind of to be expected.


The truth is, most women in one way or another feel a level of disconnection from the magic and capacity their bodies hold, especially their wombs.


So today I wanted to simply remind you how incredible your body, womb and menstrual cycle actually is.


Because NOW is the time to celebrate the Divine and Sacred fertile feminine energy flowing through every cell of your body.


So many of us grew up not knowing, learning our even understanding the true potential or capacity our bodies hold.


What we actually learned is how to shut many of the incredible parts of ourselves down.


We learn how to bury our emotions.


We are encouraged from a very young age to use birth control to manage menstrual issues, shutting our cycle down.


We learn to master the masculine and how to DO and get things done!


But then the day comes when the desire to have a child awakens in your heart.


And when pregnancy doesn’t happen as you hoped or expected, by default, you DO what you’ve always done.


You don’t first stop to look within for answers…


You don’t seek counsel from your body who is at ALL TIMES in communication with you!


What you do is you look to the outside world to try and “figure out” what must be wrong with you…


But what if nothing is actually wrong?


What if there is nothing to figure out or fix?


What if your age is not actually an issue?




Your fertility journey is and always has been an invitation…


A sacred invitation to slow down to reconnect with yourself, your womb and your baby.


Because time and time again, I find that through the process of reconnection, the answers, the insights, the next steps, and the trust you’ve been seeking WILL show up.


Yes, fear or doubt will still come and go. ( And that’s okay!)


But they will no longer live in the driver’s seat.


If what you’ve been “DOing” to try to have your baby has left you feeling defeated and disconnected…


Love, it might be time to explore a new approach.


It might be time to slow down so you can hear the whispers from your soul and messages of your womb.


It might be time to truly release the fear.


It might be time to finally process the grief.


It might be time to fully come home into your body.


And you can start right now in this moment…


Stop what you’re doing and place both hands over your womb, skin-to-skin.


Take a couple of deep breaths into your womb, feeling into the fact that this part of your body is a portal that has the capacity to hold, grow and birth life into the world.


Fill your womb with the unconditional love you have for the child you are calling in.


Then feel into your womb with curiosity, love and gratitude and explore what you see, feel, sense, or hear.


And see what comes up.


None of it is bad or wrong. Whatever comes up is simply information to show you where you’re at.


Then you get to choose what to do with it.


Your body is always speaking to you and inviting you to listen!


You have the guidance you seek within you.


I know and trust that!


You are so magical!


I hope with all my heart that you can feel that.


No matter the path you take to meet your baby…


No matter the losses or unsuccessful treatment cycles you’ve experienced…


No matter what any person, doctor, healer, psychic or coach has told you…


No matter what your diagnosis or the amount of time you’ve been on your journey…


You are magic


Your body is magic


Your womb is magic


And your connection with your baby is magic


So take time to connect with what is within you right here, right now!


I love you,






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