Finding the Good in 2020 - Molly Nichols

Finding the Good in 2020

Hi Beautiful,


Can you believe it’s the last day of 2020?


As you reflect back over this past year, don’t forget to look for all the good this year has brought you.


Even amongst all the madness, I know there were still pockets of deep joy and blessings.


Right now, I’m being called to be super intentional about what I want to say goodbye to while at the same time recognizing how grateful I am for certain moments, shifts and changes that occurred this year.


That’s who I am.


I acknowledge the difficulties but I don’t embody or stay in them.


I move through them, ALWAYS seeking out the good!


And I bet you’re the same way!


See, we are the sensitive ones, the optimists, the ones that hold the light!


We are the ones who CHOOSE to find the blessings, the lessons and the good no matter how tough things get.


That’s how we keep letting the light in.


That’s how you’ve had the strength and courage to keep moving forward on your journey to having your baby even in moments that have brought you to your knees.


I lovingly invite you to take some time today to celebrate the woman that YOU are and what you triumphed through this year.


And to see what a blessing you are and will continue to be to your future child!


Love and the biggest hug,






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