The First Time I Led a Guided Fertility Visualization... - Molly Nichols

The First Time I Led a Guided Fertility Visualization…

I remember the first time I led a guided visualization.


It was during an in-person workshop I was hosting.

I was so nervous, wondering if the women I was sharing it with were going to enjoy it.

I was also nervous because, at the time, no one in my life really understood what I was setting out to do.

Some even laughed at the idea or made super sarcastic comments.

But, my soul knew this work needed to be shared.

In preparing for the workshop, I fully scripted the visualization.

I wrote out every word.

Every feeling.

Every affirmation.

Outlining it word for word, start to finish.

And when it was time to share the visualization, I also read it word for word.

The women in the workshop did, thank goodness, love the visualization!

For the next couple of years I continued to script out my visualizations, because that is what felt best at the time.

Today, after leading hundreds of workshops and visualization sessions…

Yes, hundreds!

I no longer write more than perhaps an idea or a couple of words down before I share a visualization.

Today I let the knowing within me be the guide.

I let the beautiful essence of my clients or the group I am serving guide me.

I let the spirit babies guide me.

I let love be my guide.

Now this confidence did not come overnight.

It took tons of trust, surrender and practice.

Yes, it took me trusting in myself, my intuition, and my spiritual gifts.

And the more I did so, the more crazy miraculous my clients’ results became and the faster my private practice and group programs filled.

The more I’ve trusted in myself and the work I’m here to do, the more impact and money I’ve been able to make.

What I can see so clearly today is that there is and has always been a framework to my visualizations and in how I share my work with the world.

There is an intentional place that I begin.

Then an inward journey that I take my clients on that supports the mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and physical aspects of their fertility.

And a place where we end that keeps the energy and what’s called forward in motion!

While yes, each and every visualization is different (even if the words may be somewhat the same, the energy is ALWAYS different) the framework stays the same.

This framework, is just one element that I will be teaching in my new course…

VISUALIZE: The Sacred Art Of Composing and Sharing Customized Guided Fertility Visualizations With Your Clients and Community.

I’m so excited to begin sharing all that I’ve learned during my 8 years as a coach and healer with the Fertility healing & coaching community! 

Love and hugs,




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