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How To Manage Infertility and Your Emotions

Give yourself permission to feel and begin to do the work to know, trust and believe that it is SAFE to feel all of your emotions connected to your fertility journey.

 Our emotions are SO interesting!

They are a part of our human experience, yet so often we label them as good or bad, or right and wrong.

And many times we may not even be aware that we are labeling our emotions as wrong.

But, everytime…

We swallow our tears

We bury our anger

We say that we are fine, when in fact we are not

Or we pretend and try to force ourselves to feel things that we just don’t…

That’s exactly what we are doing.

I think the fear of our so called “negative” emotions is first cultivated in us as children.

At home, in school and by society.

We’ve been taught from an early age that there are good and bad emotions.

Positive and negative emotions.

Emotions that are appropriate and not appropriate.

We are taught that there is a specific way that we are SUPPOSED to FEEL and BE in the world.

Be nice.

Don’t be sad.

Don’t get mad.

Do as you’re told.

Follow the rules.

Be seen and not heard.

Don’t rock the boat.


So, anything that falls outside that realm of “GOOD” can be felt and subconsciously interpreted as BAD or even dangerous.

But, here’s the thing…

When you deny yourself part of your human experience…

When you don’t give yourself space to feel and heal…

When you feel you don’t have a voice or space to process your emotions …

Those emotions don’t go away.

They don’t disappear into some magical void.

They stay with you, and for many they can show their face in different ways, like:

  • Emotional breakdowns at weird times
  • Anxiety, brain fog or even depression
  • Reacting intensely to a situation that’s not really a big deal
  • Projecting your emotions on others
  • Guilt and shame
  • Physical discomfort in the body
  • Illness
  • Feelings of rage or deep sadness
  • And more

The reason this happens is because the emotional energy is looking for a way to be released.

And when it does not have space time after time, it may look to find another way out.

So, how do you give yourself the space to feel so that your emotions flow through you?

*First, you give yourself permission to feel and begin to do the work to know, trust and believe that it is SAFE to feel all of your emotions.

The positive and so-called negative.

See, none of your emotions are bad. They are all here to support you in gaining clarity around the truth of how you feel about what is happening or showing up in your life.

*Second, be the loving observer of your emotional experience.

Begin to take note of when and why you’re swallowing your emotions in the moment.

Be curious about why you choose not to let your emotions flow through you.

Once you become lovingly aware, you can then see how the rest of your actions play out when you give your emotions space and when you don’t.

This is how you begin to take your emotional power back.

*Third, begin to identify where you’ve been denying yourself of your emotional experience.

Where do you know that healing and feeling is needed?

Now this does not mean that you have to fully go back in to a traumatic or highly emotional experience to clear the energy.

You simply have to allow the emotions space IF they do show up.

*And finally, give yourself grace.

This is a practice!

And in you simply being OPEN to having a new, more aware, empowered relationship with your emotional self, you are on your way to finding emotional freedom.

As energetically sensitive women, understanding our own emotions is truly essential to living a full, energetic, fertile, vibrant life.

Many of us can also very easily be carrying other people’s emotional energy and baggage without even knowing it.


Because we are natural born healers, optimists, lightworkers, empaths.

We want to be good!

And whether present to it or not, we can manipulate the emotional energy around us so that others feel good.

Even if we are suffering as a result.

We hold it.

We wear it.

We bear it.

Because to be in the discomfort of others being uncomfortable with us can feel unbearable at times.

But, we have to be comfortable in the discomfort if we want to live the life that we know is possible in our hearts!

And it truly begins with being MINDFUL of what you are feeling, and choosing to no longer deny yourself your emotional experience.

It is safe to feel.

It is safe to heal.

It is safe to be sad.

It is safe to be mad.

It is safe to have needs and desires.

It is safe for others to be uncomfortable when you choose yourself.

It is safe to unconditionally love yourself so much that you accept who you are and how you emotionally navigate your life.

You are safe!

You are loved!

Sending you love and the biggest hug,



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