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How to Overcome Burnout When Navigating Infertility, Pregnancy or Motherhood

For the longest time I was on this crazy journey to FIND the mythical and oh so coveted… BALANCE. While trying to BE and DO it ALL.

For the longest time I was on this crazy journey to FIND the mythical and oh so coveted…



While trying to BE and DO it ALL.

A stay at home mom

A homeschool mom

A business CEO

A wife

A sensitive woman

Each one of these titles came with a story or idea around what a…

GOOD stay at home mom

GOOD homeschooling mom

GOOD business CEO

GOOD wife

GOOD woman

Looked like.

And I wanted to be GOOD.

To do each the absolute best I could.

But, in the back of my mind, I always felt like in one area or another I was failing.

Even though looking back I can see I was doing a really GREAT job at each.

Likely, better than most could have under my unique circumstances.

So, WHY then did I feel this way for so long?

Because of my made up ideas and lies about what BALANCING all of it was supposed to look like.

I say “made up” because the rules and guidelines we create for ourselves that keep us from living a more balanced, joyful, easy life essentially are made up.

We take these ideas on as the truth.

We lock them in as beliefs.

And when we do not meet the standard or our lives do not fit in the pretty little box as we are told or think they should…

We either keep trying until we burn out: This was me for years.

You mentally or emotionally find ways to check out: I’ve done this too!



By creating your OWN set of rules and guidelines that work for you.

Rules filled with self love and compassion

Rules that are flexible

Rules that work for your unique life, personality, family, business, etc.

Rules that challenge you but are grounded in your strengths

You don’t compare your life to others.

You stay in your own lane.

You ebb and flow through life.

You stop punishing yourself for all the things you think you should be doing, but aren’t.


And if you feel a little lost as to who you are, start an inward journey to find yourself again.

These are my secrets to having BALANCE in my life today…

  • *Practice self love
  • *Be creative with your time
  • *Know what your needs are and ask for them to be met
  • *Give yourself grace
  • *Celebrate yourself
  • *Remove distractions when needed
  • *Ask for support

It’s not all about the DOing.

It’s about how you BE each step of the way.

It’s about…

Giving yourself grace when your house is a mess but you just don’t have the energy to clean it up.

Getting clear around the intention or story behind the things you choose to fill your day. (Do you feel connected or are you checking things off the list?)

Finding pockets of time throughout your day to get additional tasks you need to get done. (I have built a highly success business in small pockets of time and some really late nights! lol)

Being honest with yourself around where you may be wasting time or the things that deplete your energy (social media, television, news, people, cell phone notifications, etc)

Knowing when you need support, connection, a break, quiet time and asking for it or seeking it out. (This should become a non-negotiable. You are human and you have needs!)

Acknowledging how much you do each and every day!

And remember, you don’t have to find balance, Love!

You can CHOOSE it in this moment by recognizing that all is WELL.

YOU are alive

YOUR heart is beating

MOMENT by moment you get to design the life that you desire.

This does NOT discount your struggles, it just allows you to navigate them in a higher vibe energy.

So today give yourself grace.

Make adjustments where needed from a place of self love.

Know that what works for you may be different from others and that’s okay.

Do You!

Sending you so much love,



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