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I am a writer


There was a man sitting next to me on the plane reading a book about poetry.

He said that he was studying to be a poet and a writer.

As we chatted for just a brief moment, I had the awareness that I too am a writer.

I think I’ve resisted calling myself a writer because spelling, “proper” grammar and punctuation has always been something that I’ve struggled with.

I’ve had shame around this and have been shamed because of it.

But, does having a weakness make me unqualified or unable to call myself a writer?


My writing is unique

My writing comes from my soul

My writing makes me happy

My writing inspires others to see the magic that is possible for them.

I write in some way EVERY single day.

I write for myself

I write for women

I write for my community

I write to teach

I write to learn

I write to heal

I write because it’s part of who I am and how I share my message, purpose and heart with the world.

And while my writing may not be for everyone…

That’s okay.

Because I’m not for everyone.

There will likely always be a bit of physical imperfection in my writing, the improper use of a word, a spelling error, or a comma in the wrong place, but the energy and intention in and of my writing is ALWAYS perfect.

The energy cannot lie.

My writing is all me!

My writing is love!

So today, I’m owning another piece of who I am…

I AM a writer.



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