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I used to wonder

I used to wonder….

I wondered if I was worthy of being a mother.

I wondered if I had done something wrong or if God was punishing me, and that’s why I was not getting pregnant.

I wondered if because I had met my husband and he’s my soulmate, that maybe I didn’t get to have a baby too.

I wondered if after 7 years of struggling to have a baby, whether I would ever become a mother.

I wondered…

But, as I wondered I was also growing, healing, shifting, and changing as a woman.

I was becoming the woman and the mother that my children needed me to be before they would come into the world.

The truth is the woman I was when I first began trying to have a baby, and the woman I am today are two very different people.

And I’ve found this same to be true for many of the women that I work with. They too are being called to grow, heal, and shift mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.

(Are you a different woman today than when you first began your journey? Are you grateful for the growth and shifts?)

If we can see that the fertility journey is not a punishment that we have to endure, but rather an invitation to look within and to grow… A whole new perspective is born.

Now while I was in the throws of my journey, I couldn’t always see the purpose for it all. I didn’t understand why it was taking so long or why my heart had to hurt so much for so long.

But, today as a mama of three, I can see very clearly the gift and beauty of it all!

So, whatever you are going through, take a breath and try to trust the timing of your life and your journey. I promise in the future, the purpose for your journey will be shown to you as well.

Try to see the blessings that have already been brought forth because of your journey.

Keep growing, healing, and shedding the old parts of yourself. If you’re being called to make changes in your life, listen to that call and see where it leads you.

And in case you too have been wondering…

YOU are WORTHY of motherhood.

YOU are NOT being punished.

YOU are NOT to blame for your struggles.

YOU can have a beautiful relationship and be a mother.

And even if you’ve been on your journey for many years, there is still HOPE for YOU.

As you move forward on your journey keep your heart open and connected to the vision you have for your family.

Moving through your journey in this way will help you keep your beautiful, fertile, and loving energy open and ready to receive your baby when the time is right.

xoxox Molly


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