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It affects me as a mama

My spiritual practices are not something I feel are just for me and not my kids. I teach and talk to my kids about meditation, energy, yoga, the chakras, etc. We have fun exploring these things together.


This past week I’ve woken up almost every morning feeling simply exhausted.

I can’t stand feeling this way.

I despise being tired.

It does something to my mind.

It makes me grouchy.

And it affects me as a mama.

When I’m tired I’m not as patient or present as I’d like to be.

I know that it impacts my children, because they will be the first to reflect my energy and behavior back to me.

This morning in particular I woke up feeling frustrated, angry and SO tired.

So, after I had my adult tantrum, I poured myself a cup of coffee, got out my journal and made a choice to shift my energy.

As wrote out how I wanted to feel today and every day, slowly the energy started to unwind and shift.

I began to think about how important self care is for me as a mama.

How I tend to put myself and my needs last.

I very rarely have a quiet moment to myself.

(Many times I can’t even go to the bathroom alone. lol)

And over time, if I’m not doing something to fill myself back up…

I know I’ll eventually burn out.

While I’m nowhere near burnout (this time), I know how quickly it can catch me off guard.

So, I retreated to my office to meditate for a quick moment…

To call in the energy and things I need to fill myself back up.

But, just after closing my eyes there was a knock on the door.

One by one each of my little ones filed in with questions and something they needed from me.

I smiled and answered their questions, then again closed my eyes and continued on.

Then several moments later another knock on the door.

It was my daughters Birdee and Tilley.

Birdee was holding her bathing suit and Tilley was just looking for a snuggle.

Before either said a word I told them that I was meditating and they could sit with me until I was done or they could wait to ask their questions.

Tilley hopped on my lap, closed her eyes and snuggled in.

Birdee thought about it, then tried to ask me her question one more time.

I told her again that she could join me or she would have to wait.

See, my spiritual practices are not something I feel are just for me and not my kids.

I teach and talk to my kids about meditation, energy, yoga, the chakras, etc.

We have fun exploring these things together.

And yes, I could have just answered her question.

But, I wanted her to know how important this time is to me and that she can be a part of it, and until I was done, all other things would have to wait.

We finally came to a compromise.

She would sit with me and breathe for a couple of minutes then I would answer her question.

So, she sat down in full lotus in front of me and we took 3 deep breaths together.

I watched her body and energy begin soften.

She opened her eyes and I told her 3 more deep breaths and then to bubble up.

[Bubble up is a term we use to create a protective bubble of energetic love around us.]

I watched her go deeper within herself with each breath.

I could physically see her energy shifting right in front of me.

It was incredible.

She then opened her eyes,


And told me she forgot her question. 🙂

Amazing, right?

Then my son Brooks came in.

Birdee quickly informed him that he too would have to sit and breathe before mama would do anything.

We laughed.

He sat.

We breathed.

I watched him go inward

I watched his energy shift and settle.

He too opened his eyes and giggled.

While this was not the deep inward meditation session I had intended, IT WAS PERFECT.

And just what we ALL needed.

We felt re-energized, joyful and excited for the day.

Over and over this has been one of my biggest mama ahas.

I may not always get a 100% quiet moment for myself, so I look to see how I can improvise.

I include my children or other people in my life in my self care and spiritual practices.

This way my entire home and family will benefit!

Which is a beautiful thing!

We can get so hard set on the way that things have to look or be in order to get our needs met or the outcome we desire.

But, sometimes we have to be flexible.  

Remember, the energy and intention around your actions are more times than not much more important than the actions themselves.  

Sending you love and the biggest hug,



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