It's time to remember... - Molly Nichols

It’s time to remember…

I’ve been in a space of deep awareness over these last couple of months.


And what keeps coming to the surface is that we as women need to REMEMBER how truly magical and powerful we actually are.


Especially when it comes to accessing ALL the magic that our bodies are capable of.



See, the disconnection that most women feel towards their bodies did not begin with fertility struggles or a diagnosis like endometriosis, PCOS, or low ovarian reserve, etc.


For most it began long before that….


From the time we are little girls, we are not educated on the magic of our menstrual cycles or how to access the true power of each phase of our cycle so that we feel a connection to it.


We are not told of the magic our wombs hold and how special and profound it is that we are born with the capacity to receive, hold and grow life within our bodies.


We are not taught, encouraged or empowered to embrace birth as natural and normal, or that our bodies are designed to birth our babies into the world.


We are not taught that there is beauty and power in all body types – big, small and all sizes in between…


And this idea that our bodies and what they are capable of can be SO generalized, simplified, and categorized through statistics, numbers and age alone…


Well, that drives me mad!


Because we are human beings.


We are not statistics!


Our babies are not statistics.


And each and every woman is different.


Every day women are fighting to be seen as more than just their age and numbers on paper.


And every day, women are beating the odds in regards to what they have been told is possible for them!


I have a client right now who is pregnant from natural conception at 46 years old.


I have another client that was told not to get her hopes up because the embryo that they transferred was not the best quality. Well, not only did she become pregnant – the embryo split and she is about to give birth to identical TWIN girls.


And I have another client who suffered two deeply painful losses, but she became pregnant again and just gave birth to her little boy.


So, HOW does this happen??


It happens because, you, your body and your baby are far more powerful and magical than you’ve been led to believe.


So Love, it’s time for you to REMEMBER and ACTIVATE all of your true fertile essence!


It’s time to RELEASE any identity of infertile that you have taken on.


It’s time to ask and INVITE every FERTILE cell in your body to WAKE UP, to be ACTIVATED and RECODED.


It’s time to ASK that ALL stories that you’ve taken on from others that do not FEEL in ALIGNMENT with your soul’s truth be RETURNED to who they belong to with LOVE and consciousness attached.


Can you feel the POWER in doing this?


And yes, you may be struggling with fertility issues…


Yes, you may have been given one or more diagnoses…


Yes, you may need to use fertility treatments to have your baby…


But, you are NOT your diagnosis.


And infertility is NOT who you are.


So while you may need additional support to have your baby…


Or you may need to make changes in your life…


When you feel CONNECTED to your body and it’s innate inner wisdom and magic, you’ll also feel connected to your intuition.


Which is the place you want to be guided from on your journey.


Not fear.


So today…


Remember who you are.


Remember how beautiful and powerful you truly are.


Remember that your body has the capacity to receive, hold, grow and birth life into the world.


Really be with and sit with this energy.


Try it on.


Seeing yourself and what is possible through this new lens can truly change everything!


If you would like to go deeper into this energy of connection and remembrance, I invite you to join me in my Making Space for Baby home study course



Here is just some of what I cover in the course…


– How to clear your womb of old energy and emotions that may be causing physical issues and problems with your reproductive system.


– How to stop worrying about your age and your fertility so you can begin to uncover your true path to pregnancy and motherhood.


– How to connect with your spirit baby and the steps you need to take to call them into your heart, womb and life.


– How to find clarity and confidence in the things YOU need to do that will dramatically increase your fertility and chances of pregnancy.


– Why getting pregnant is not about DOing what everyone else thinks is best for you, but uncovering what, in your heart, YOU know is best for you.


– How to surrender and let go of all the perfectionism attached to trying to have your baby, so you can feel more grounded and hopeful and less worried and overwhelmed.


– How to connect with and open your womb energetically to prepare her to receive and grow your baby.


– And so much more!



You can gain immediate access to Making Space for Baby here.
As you activate your fertile essence of remembrance, know that I see you as the fertile women that YOU ARE.


And I hold the vision you have for the future of your family with you!


Love and the biggest hug,




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