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How to Change The Way You Think About Your Fertility, Infertility

The truth is, it’s not always easy to release old ways of thinking or being when struggling to become pregnant. Why? Because it takes constant re-commitment to self-love, trust and faith and belief in yourself, your body and your baby.

I know the energy over these last several months has felt really intense for so many, including myself.

Lots of old beliefs and ways of BEing coming to the surface to be released and let go of… for good.

Which is amazing!

It’s interesting how old ways of THINKING and BEing can take up space in our lives.

They take up space…





And physically

They take up space…

In our minds

In our bodies

In our relationships

Even in our homes

And the truth is, it’s not always easy to release these old ways of thinking or being.

Especially when you’re navigating the fertility journey.


Because it takes constant re-commitment to self-love, trust and faith and belief in yourself, your body and your baby.

Even when…

  • You’ve been given low percentages or statistics about your chances of pregnancy based on your diagnosis or age.
  • You’ve had losses or unsuccessful fertility treatment cycles.
  • You’ve not yet had a positive pregnancy test or have been trying to become pregnant for years.

The list could go on.

We create so much meaning around what has already happened or what we THINK should have happened by now.


All that has happened IS how it was all supposed to be up until this very moment?

Even if it was tremendously painful.

We NEVER want to deny our pain or hardships.

We also don’t want them to rule our lives and leave us feeling broken or powerless.

What if, starting today, no matter what happens you CHOOSE…

  • To see yourself and your body as whole and complete?
  • To trust that there is a baby who longs for you just as you long for them?
  • To remember that you are not a statistic, and age alone is not a fertility diagnosis?
  • To believe that you are worthy of motherhood and all that you desire in this life?

It is in our willingness to see, feel, perceive and receive something different that space can begin to open, and for something different to show up!

In this moment, take a breath and say these words with me…

“I am OPEN and WILLING to see my life and my fertility journey in a new way.”

“I love, trust and believe in myself, my body and my baby.”

“I trust the timing of my life.”

BE with these words, thoughts and new energy and see where they guide you!

Sending you love and the biggest hug,


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  1. Heather

    “I trust the timing of my life” is such a huge affirmation for me. Its natural to try to plan your life out, and super difficult to let that timing go. I added that nice and big to my journal today.
    Thank you!


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