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Molly Nichols is the Queen Of Fertility Visualizations! She is a renowned fertility coach, intuitive, spiritual teacher, writer, speaker and a passionate advocate for awakened and intuitive living. Her unique approach using guided visualizations, energy healing, positive psychology and other spiritual practices have helped thousands of women worldwide in becoming pregnant after infertility.


*The Mind Body Connection To Healing Infertility.

*The Importance Of Mental and Emotional Support While Struggling With Infertility.

* How to Uncover The Spiritual Causes Of Infertility.

*How to Use Guided Fertility Visualizations to Dramatically Increase Fertility.

*Spirit Babies 101.

*Why There is So Much Hope When Trying to Conceive Over 40.

*Strategies to Increase Pregnancy Results When Going Through IVF and Egg Donation.


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Molly’s Professional Bio 

Molly Nichols is a world-renowned fertility coach and certified energy healer who specializes in educating women on how to uncover and heal the deeper mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual causes of infertility through the use of guided fertility visualizations, spiritual practices, and an understanding of the mind-body connection to fertility.

Molly’s own seven-year fertility journey ended joyfully with the birth of her twins who were conceived through IVF. Molly then went on to become pregnant two more times naturally, most recently at 41 years old!

Now the proud Mama of 4 beautiful souls, Molly attributes her pregnancies to the use of fertility visualizations and the healing powers of the mind-body connection; techniques she teaches and shares with thousands of women around the world.   

Molly’s ultimate mission is to guide women from infertility to pregnancy by teaching them how to connect with a deeper sense of self, heal from the past, trust in the inner wisdom of their bodies, and open their hearts and wombs to conception all while connecting with the spirit of their babies.

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