I Never Saw Myself As A Healer - Molly Nichols

I Never Saw Myself As A Healer

For most of my life I never saw myself as a healer.

For years I was the one supporting other healers.

At one point I even became a licensed esthetician and gave facials for a bit.

But, after a couple of months, I came back to managing healers, massage therapists, yoga instructors, etc.

Even after becoming a fertility coach it took me awhile to fully own my spiritual gifts and extra sensory sensitivities.

Truthfully, I was afraid.

Afraid of myself and what I might open myself up to if I allowed myself to own the magic within me.

What I know now is that this fear stemmed from my deeply religious background.

See, I wondered if by allowing myself to fully own my spiritual gifts and intuition, I was opening myself up to something that was unholy, dark or bad.

But, through the process of loving and fully owning ALL of who I AM, I discovered that I’ve never been available for anything that did not come from LOVE or the light of God and the Universe.

That’s just not who I am.

It never has been.

I am a lightworker.

I bring the light wherever I go.

I call upon the light.

I live in love!

Love is who I am.

Just as it is who YOU are!

Yes, I still go through dark times.

I just don’t see it as darkness preying on me.

I see it as part of our human experience.

As my spiritual awakening kicked into high gear, it became evident that I could no longer deny the fact that I am a feeler.

Yes, I feel everything!

I’m a highly sensitive woman.

I’m extremely intuitive.

I also have a gift of seeing and feeling what others can’t see for themselves in the moment, and articulating it in a way that cultivates deep healing and change in people’s lives.

And while today I do call myself a healer…

In truth I think that I’m actually a Messenger of Remembrance.

I’m here to remind you of what you already know.

To remind you of the truth that was forgotten or buried under all that you’ve been through in life.

My vessel for remembrance is my guided visualizations.

Through my visualizations I’ve been given the ability to guide you back to your truth.

The truth of what you already know is possible in life, family and business.

Over time through owning my gifts and sharing my work with the world, slowly but surely my confidence grew, as did the impact and power of my work.

It’s been an amazing journey that was not always easy, but oh so worth it!

Today, I feel deeply grateful to be able to call myself a renowned fertility coach and certified energy healer.

You came into this world perfect!

So, how can you own a little bit more of yourself and your magic today?

Where have you shut off or closed off your spiritual gifts?

And what would happen if you loved and accepted that part of yourself again!

Every day you would become a little bit more FREE!

Love and Hugs,




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