Not the Fluffy Kind of Self Care - Molly Nichols

Not the Fluffy Kind of Self Care

The highs and lows and ebbs and flows of the day to day are intense, so self care should once again be a non-negotiable in your life.


But, not the fluffy kind of self care…


I’m talking about the type of self care that takes work and at times can even be uncomfortable.


Things like…


Creating strong boundaries energetically and in your relationships


Using your voice when things don’t feel good or in alignment with you


Finding a community of like-minded souls so you don’t feel alone


Removing yourself from that which drains your energy


Ensuring you’re journaling, meditating or using guided visualizations


Spending time in nature


Allowing yourself to feel your emotions so that they can flow through you


Taking time for yourself to go inward and ensure you’re not moving through life from a place of fear


When we let our self care go out the window, our mental and emotional well-being can and will suffer…


Which tends to leave the space for fear to sneak in and take hold.


This is the last thing that any of us want right now.


Fear is being thrown at us from all directions and it’s easy to become hypnotized or even enchanted by it.


Where it’s consuming your every thought and decision…


Leaving you feeling totally out of control because when fear is in the driver’s seat, life becomes about surviving not thriving.


Today, I want to remind you that you can STILL 100% THRIVE in life and on your fertility journey even with all of the craziness that is 2020.


Now, with all this said…


It’s okay to have fear.


It’s okay to have doubt.


It’s okay to have bad days.


What’s most important is what you DO when the fear and doubt come up and you have those days…


Will you CHOOSE to give yourself love and grace?


Or will you CHOOSE to make yourself wrong and let the fear take hold?


My deepest hope is that you’ll make your self care a priority and you’ll give yourself love and grace.


How will you practice radical self care today?


With so much love,






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