Highly Sensitive Child - Molly Nichols

Highly Sensitive Child

Episode 03

If you’re a highly sensitive person, or have a highly sensitive child this is a conversation you’ll not want to miss. 

In this eye opening interview with Sacred Children’s Healer, Carrie Antoniou, you’ll learn about empathic and highly sensitive children, and what is possible for them when we can nurture their  sensitive souls in a more gentle, open, and non judgmental way.

Carrie also shares profound insight on:

*Why your child’s food sensitivities may be caused from unprocessed emotions.

*Why traditional parenting methods don’t tend to work with highly sensitive children.

*Simple tools you can use with your child to nurture their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

*Why your children are your greatest spiritual teachers.

*And so much more!

Carrie and I also talk about our own sensitivities and how understanding ourselves better has transformed the way we parent our children.

This conversation with Carrie was so enlightening, and filled with so much special wisdom!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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Carrie Antoniou- Sacred Childrens Energy Healer 

Carrie Antoniou is the Sacred Children’s Healer.  She is the author of Enlightenment on Toast – Bridging the Gap Between Spirituality & Parenthood and the creator of Daily Guidance Cards for Children.

Carrie works with mothers and children all over the world, nurturing their physical and spiritual needs to foster a balanced, happy life. She has changed the lives of many mums and their kids through her unique energy healing work where she taps into the child’s inner self to restore balance and connection – a game changer for sensitive children!

Carrie sees the importance of supporting these sensitive children and nurturing their amazing gifts and strengths so that they may one day be empowered to create an entirely new, more loving world.



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