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Living a Fertile Life

Episode 04

Living a Fertile Life with Bri Braggs 

In this episode I had the honor of chatting with Certified Health Coach, Doula, and Reiki Practitioner, Bri Braggs from Fertility Alchemy.

I first came across Bri’s work on Instagram, and was soooo inspired by her passion, work and message.  

In our conversation, you’ll hear Bri’s wise and passionate advice on…

     *Why it’s important to consciously prepare for pregnancy

     *The importance of boundaries, joy and creativity

     *How to restore feminine balance in your life

     *Plus how you can create a new narrative around what it means to live a fertile life.  

You also hear Bri and I talk about diversity in the fertility space, and what many women of color are experiencing and going through while on the fertility journey.  

I had so many personal ah-ha moments during this interview, and have made changes in my personal life as well as in my business because of the beautiful insights that Bri shares.

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Bri Braggs Certifie Health Coach, Doula and Reiki Practitioner 

Bri Braggs is a Certified Health Coach, Doula, and Reiki Practitioner in the Houston area. She received here certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and promptly launched what is now known as Fertile Alchemy. Bri is extremely passionate about working with women, helping them to consciously prepare their bodies for pregnancy and to restore feminine balance.

She is inspired to lead a new narrative around fertility that promotes fertility as a lifestyle and the way to optimal health. In her free time you can find Bri traveling with her husband, in her kitchen, out in nature, or with a her nose in a good book.

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