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Your Fertility Over 40

Episode 11

Your Fertility Over 40 with Lauren Hannah

Choosing to conceive your baby over the age of 40 can feel a bit like a constant battle. 

But, Lauran Hannah and I see what is TRULY possible for woman choosing to become mama’s in their 40’s! 

The beautiful Lauren Hannah is a yoga teacher with over two decades of experience mastering her craft. She runs the Sonic Yoga Studio in Manhattan and brings her professional knowledge and personal experience to this episode.

Lauren takes us through how to prepare yourself physically and mentally for conceiving, how to change your life for the better, and what you can do outside of medical treatment to prepare yourself for having a child.

In this beautiful conversation you’ll learn…

  • How to care for yourself and prepare for having a child in your 40s.
  • What it means to surrender and how it can change everything.
  • How to find your bliss through reconnecting with yourself as a child.
  • Why you should think about making big changes in your life before going to medical professionals.
  • And more!

Lauren is a beacon of positivity and energy! She is an amazing example of how you CAN have children beyond 40 and still live a true and idyllic life on your terms.

Wait till you hear her incredible journey to becoming a mama herself in her 40’s! 

I hope you enjoy this conversation!

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Lauren Hannah, Yoga Teacher and Studio Founder 

With a Master’s degree, and years of clinical practice in social work, which ultimately manifested in a career as a studio owner, international teacher and leader in the Yoga community, Sacred Fertility Yoga is a union of Lauren’s academic, personal and spiritual experiences.

A student of Yoga for over 20 years and a teacher for over 15 years. Lauren studied the ancient systems of Yoga and Ayurveda with many of the greatest living masters worldwide. In 2001 she founded Sonic Yoga, a thriving Yoga studio and teacher training center in New York City.

An avid surfer, organic gardener, and sunset lover, Lauren lives in the seaside village of Montauk, Long Island, NY with her life partner, Michael, her daughter, Jaya Lynn and her rescue dog Shakti.

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