Postpartum: A Journey Into A New World - Molly Nichols

Postpartum: A Journey Into A New World

After giving birth to our Little Moon, I felt like I was in a place between two worlds. In some ways, I would even say I felt stuck between two worlds.


The world of what was before the baby…and the world of what was to be after.


My life and how I did things before… and my life now as a mama of 4.


I thought in many ways I would give birth and just jump right back into life as I knew it. Managing my kids and running my business.


I assumed that even in this fragile time, I would still be able to DO everything and BE everything for everyone.


But… I couldn’t!


The sleep deprivation alone has been crazy!


So, for a couple of weeks I really struggled, because I was 💯% resisting the change and inner guidance I was getting.


I had one foot in the old world and one foot in the new.


That was, until I finally surrendered and made the choice to fully embrace all of the messiness of the new. (Which only happened after a trip to the urgent care for mastitis.)


So, I’ve now asked for and accepted help with my kids and in my home.


I’ve set boundaries.


I’ve given myself grace.


And I’ve begun to restructure how I run my business.


Today, I can say that the portal to the old world has almost completely closed. Both feet are planted firmly in the new.


And I’m SO excited about how this new chapter of my life is going to unfold.


I feel like we need to shine more light on the postpartum time for what it really is…


A time of recalibration into a new life.


And this calibration time is necessary for every birth.


Because the life that was…is gone.


The family that was… will never be the same.


The woman that was…has been transformed.


The mother that was…has been reborn.


The body that was… will forever be changed.


The relationship that was…will become something new.


Whether birthing your first child or your 5th, everything WILL change and it’s essential that we make space for this change.


It was only through surrender, time, slowness, self care, rest and acceptance that I’ve been able to settle into my new rhythm as a mama of four.


The ups and downs may continue, so I’m just taking it one day at a time while feeling deeply grateful for feeling as good as I do at 8 weeks postpartum.


If you’re struggling postpartum, especially after you’ve struggled with infertility, remember that it does not mean that you’re not grateful and thankful about having your precious baby.


It just means that you’re human.


Ask for help if you need it, be gentle with yourself and remember you are not alone.


I love you! ❤️



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