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Trusting Your Fertility in Your 40’s-

3 Part Fertility Workshop Series For Women Over 40

One of the biggest worries that so many of my clients are navigating has to do with their age and their fertility. Wondering if there is actually hope when trying to conceive after 40.

And the answer is YES there is HOPE!

Just because you’re approaching 40 or are in your 40’s does NOT mean that your age is always the root cause of your fertility struggles.

Trusting Your Fertility in Your 40’s Workshop Series and transform how you feel about your age and your fertilty as well as how you navigate your fertility journey when age is a concern.

>>ONLY $97 <<


Program for IVF and Egg Donation

Do you have an IVF or Egg Donation cycle scheduled in the coming weeks or months, and are already feeling pressure and overwhelm around what’s to come?

Do you know you’ll be using IVF or Egg Donation to conceive your baby, but you’re just not sure when? Do you want to make sure that you’re doing EVERYTHING you can to support your chances of having lots of healthy eggs and embryos, a think lush womb lining, as well as becoming pregnant during your first or next treatment cycle?

Awakened Mama

Program for Motherhood

Are you ready to start taking better care of your mental and emotional well-being so you can cultivate more balance and harmony in your home?

Do you want to feel more present and focused as you move through your day?

Are you interested in adding simple spiritual practices to your life that will support you and your family? Do you desire a deeper connection and to have more loving communication with your children? Have you been feeling tons of mommy guilt, overwhelmed, anxious, exhausted, or even like you’ve lost a bit of yourself since becoming a mama?

Being Seen

Program to Find Your Voice And Be Seen

Do you fear at times if you were to TRULY and unapologetically show all of yourself…

If you said what’s REALLY on your mind or in your heart…

It might not be accepted, would be criticized or you may perhaps even upset someone? So, you hold back. But, not showing up and sharing your fully authentic self and what is coming through is beginning to become mentally, emotionally and spiritually painful.

Because you want to share more!

Spirit Baby Sessions 

Program To Connect With Your Spirit Baby

Are You Ready to Explore Your Unique Spirit Baby Connection? Are you curious about your spirit baby?

Are you struggling to become pregnant and want to increase your fertility through understanding your unique spirit baby connection? Do you feel the presence of your baby(s) and want to deepen your bond with them? If so, you’re in the right place