She's Finally Here! - Molly Nichols

She’s Finally Here!

I’m so honored and grateful to share that our sweet baby has finally made her arrival here earthside!


Tallula Moon Nichols was born at home on November 6th.


I’d always dreamt of having a home birth.


And after two c-sections I was pretty sure it would never happen.


But, it did!


In all honesty, I cannot put into words how incredible and deeply transformational Tallula’s birth was for my husband and I. This experience has forever changed us in ways that I did not believe were possible before.


And to see Birdee, Brooks and Tilley’s faces when they woke up to their new baby sister snuggled up in bed with us was priceless. (Yes, they slept through the entire thing.)


From the moment we found out we were pregnant to the moments before true labor finally began, this sweet soul has been inviting us to make change, to be patient, to surrender, to trust, to heal, to forgive, and to love on a deeper level than ever before.


She has truly been our compass over these past nine months!


The last few weeks of pregnancy were filled with so many ups and downs, profound lessons and incredible insights.


And through each perceived issue, fear or struggle that arose, instead of going into my default which is to stay moving and doing…


I got still.


I did the inner work.


I listened to my body, my intuition and my baby.


Oh and I surrendered…


Over and over and over again I surrendered.


Even now as I move through each day postpartum…


I find myself surrendering over and over again.


This entire experience has once again solidified my beliefs…


That all the inner work we are doing IS for something.


That MIRACLES can truly be just around the corner.


That the answers we are seeking are ALWAYS found in the stillness and within us.


And that, just because what we desire has not happened YET, that does NOT mean that it’s not going to happen…


Sometimes things just unfold in a different way and on a different timeline than we originally thought or expected.


So Love, remember to…


ALWAYS leave space for the magic.


ALWAYS leave space for the good.


And ALWAYS follow your internal guidance system.


Because even in the messiness of life, goodness is still ALWAYS unfolding for you!


Sending you so much love,




P.S. If you would like to see a couple more pictures of Tallula and I, you can see those here on Facebook.

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  1. Khadijah Cisse

    An HBA2C, how fabulous!! I had a couple of my home birth as a HBA2C also. Way to go Mama. I’m also a natural fertility consultant and midwife. A friend told me about you and said you had an excellent social media presence and branding. Looks like you are doing a great job!


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