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Special News I’ve Been Waiting To Share…

I have some very special news to share with you.

And in all truth, I’ve been waiting for the right time to share because I’m deeply sensitive to how my news may cause heartache in some.

But, from the bottom of my heart, I hope that after you read this in its entirety, it brings you a bit of hope and even peace to your heart.

The news is that I am pregnant.

And at 41 years old.

While we thought that perhaps we would have another baby at some point…

We felt that there was no way it could happen right now because of how upside down our lives have been.

Plus, the planner in me had a VERY clear path laid out in my head around what this next year was going to look like.

And in a blink of an eye it all changed!

From the outside – in the physical sense – pregnancy should not have happened based on what so many women are told they need to DO or get perfect if they want to become pregnant…

Especially if they are in or approaching their 40’s!

I was not eating perfectly.

My marriage was not in a great place.

I was drinking a cup of coffee a day.

I was navigating tons of stress on and off.

Plus, I was living in a home and state that I did not want to be in.

Truthfully, I was not really following ANY of the traditional fertility RULES.

But, on the other hand, this pregnancy makes total sense and follows ALL the foundations of the fertility principles I teach every day!

Because here’s what I WAS doing…

Every day I was working on my inner world: my mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual well-being.

I was working to connect and energetically open my sacral chakra and womb so I could have a deeper capacity to experience and receive more intimacy and pleasure.

I was working on being more in my body than in my head.

I was working on clearing my childhood wounds.

I was rewriting my beliefs about what is actually possible for myself.

I was cleansing and cleaning old energy.

I was becoming the truest version of myself on the inside.

I was sharing my work in a bigger and deeper way than ever before.

I was activating my fertility and making space for my baby through the work I was teaching and sharing with the world.

Yes, when I share guided visualizations they also work on me at the same time.

And the fact that I became pregnant in my 40’s – well that makes sense too, right?

It’s something I preach about incessantly!

Because in my soul I’ve always felt that there IS so much more hope for women in their 40’s becoming pregnant than we have been led to believe.

Oh, and I can’t forget what my husband was doing…

He was taking really great care of himself physically, mentally and emotionally.

Something he had not put much focus on in the past.

So while on the outside things were a bit of a mess, on the inside we were actually making space and calling in our baby.

And to be totally transparent, I’ve asked this little one over and over again…

Why now?

Of all time, why now?

And what I feel in my heart is that she really wants to be here.

She wants to be born.

That’s the piece that I think gets lost on the fertility journey.

That when a baby wants to come…

They are going to find a way and they are going to come.

And you DON’T have to BE or to GET everything perfect in order for that to happen.

Take a second and breath that in for a moment.

It is NOT necessary for you to BE or to GET everything perfect in order to become pregnant and stay pregnant.

But, I do believe that it’s necessary that we do the inner work to connect with ourselves so that we can get the purest insight into what does need to happen in our lives to make space for our babies.

And for some, that might be to…

– Work on your relationship

– Eat a cleaner diet

– Move into a new home

– Change jobs

– Heal childhood wounds

– Connect with your womb

– Release the perfectionism

– Learn how to be in your body

– Fully love and accept all of yourself

Only you know!

And perhaps you’re saying I don’t know.

But Love, you DO!

You just need to create the space in your life to seek this inner wisdom out.

I don’t see my inner work as something that I HAVE to do.

It’s something that I LOVE to do, because it helps me understand myself better.

I don’t dread it, I look forward to it.

Because ALL the answers I seek are right there below the surface waiting to be discovered.

Just as they are for you!

Your baby is also right there waiting to connect with you and to share themselves with you!

Just after we got the news that an offer had been made on our home, we found out that we were pregnant.

So, instead of heading back to California as planned, we stopped in Michigan to see family.

The plan was only to stay for a month, but after being in Michigan for just a bit, we have chosen to stay and birth the baby here.

It’s weird how I keep trying to plan things and the plan keeps changing.

So, for now I’m following what feels good to my soul and in doing so, magic keeps showing up in my life.

All the things I was calling in and wanted to happen in California are happening here in Michigan and for that I am deeply grateful.

I’m also allowing myself to receive them, instead of making them wrong since they are different from what I had planned.

Because when I’m calling in what I desire, I always ask for it to be what I want or something BETTER.

I know that when you’re in the depths of the heaviness and you’re not sure how it’s all going to work out or how you’ll survive or make it through…

I can tell you this….

Relief will come.

Goodness will come.

You just have to keep making space for it.

You have to keep seeking it.

See it in your mind and feel it in your soul.

And keep taking action in that direction.

And somehow, some way…

It will show up.

Perhaps even in a way that surprises you and feels delightful mind, body and spirit.

Thank you for allowing me to share this with you today!

Sending you SO much love,


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