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The 3 Keys to Connecting With Your Spirit Baby

Is it possible to bond with the spirit of your baby prior to conception and birth? Absolutely! The moment you have a loving desire in your heart to have a child, spiritual conception and bonding has begun.

Is it possible to bond with the spirit of your baby prior to conception and birth?


The moment you have a loving desire in your heart to have a child, spiritual conception and bonding has begun.

“There are an abundance of souls scanning the earth for parents” – Elizabeth M. Carman, Cosmic Cradle.

My belief is that are no shortage of sweet souls who want to be born. And, what I am finding from working with women all over the world with fertility struggles, is that these souls are eager to connect with their mama’s (and daddy’s).

But, a little internal work may be needed to support you feeling and sensing your unique connection.

See, when a woman heals her past traumas, practices self love, experiences joy, and feels connected to her baby, heart, and womb something magical happens. Something shifts, opens, and awakens within her.

So, today I wanted to share with you my 3 Keys to Connecting With Your Baby Prior to Conception and Birth. These three keys will also help you raise your vibration and will deeply support your mental, emotional and spiritual well being.


Our ability to connect and communicate with our spirit babies begins in our hearts (not in our heads). Your heart is the gateway. When you’re connected and living from your heart, you’re more grounded in your body, you can hear the subtle whispers from your intuition, and you’re much more present in life. When you choose to live life in this manner, you’ll be more likely able to sense your baby’s presence and receive their gentle and loving messages.


Yes, it can be that simple! You simply let them know you desire a deeper connection and that you want to communicate with them. Sometimes all you need to do is ask. You can invite your spirit baby to share messages with you as you move through your day, or to visit you in your dreams. You can even ask them for a physical sign showing you that they are there. Then it’s your job be open to receive and trust their messages. Trusting the loving energy you sense in your body, trusting the child that visits you in your dreams, trusting the loving voice that tells you they love you and that they are coming.


Energy is always ebbing and flowing in and out of your body and life. The thoughts you think, the words you use, the food you eat, and the people you surround yourself with can all affect this flow of energy and your vibration. You can call upon LOVE, inviting it to fill every single cell of your body, your womb, and your entire reproductive system. This love will support you in releasing and clearing lower energies that aren’t serving you. When you invite love into your body and you allow yourself to receive it, you create space for your body and life to connect and receive your baby, their message, and unconditional love.

Your spirit baby is pure love and they love you so much.

In choosing to live from your heart, filling your body with love, and asking your baby to connect with you, you’ll support yourself in preconception, pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. You’ll have a profound and deep understanding of the essence and true nature of your child. You’ll truly know them and yourself!

And what a beautiful thing that is!

Here is a quick exercise to help you get started in connecting with your spirit baby today.

BONUS ~ Spirit Baby Connection Exercise:

1. Start in this moment by placing your hands over womb and take 5 deep breaths in and out of your heart. Feel your body soften and open with each breath.

2. Invite white love filled light to fill and flood your entire body. See it flow down from the top of your head all the way down to your feet. See and feel it seep into every cell, organ, muscle, and tissue. See it pour into your heart and womb. See your body filled with love.

3. Open up your heart and send love from your heart to the spirit of your baby. Tell them that you love them and you desire a deeper connection with them. Then simply sit quietly and see what comes through. Be open to the subtle feelings, sensations, colors, symbols, or words. Each spirit baby connects in a different way. Be open to your unique connection and the awareness that comes as you move through your day!

Love and a big hug!


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