A Couple of My Thoughts on Egg Donation... - Molly Nichols

A Couple of My Thoughts on Egg Donation…

I’ve worked with countless women all over the world who have chosen to use an egg donor to support them in becoming pregnant and having their babies.


I think this is such a beautiful option, if it feels right and in alignment for you!


If you’re currently going through or considering egg donation, I hope that what I share with you today will bring another level of peace to your heart around your decision.


I believe that when a woman makes the choice to become an egg donor, she is in essence gifting her eggs to YOU.


After her egg collection happens, her eggs become YOURS on all levels – physically, energetically and spiritually.
This loving exchange feels DEEPLY sacred to me.


How loved are these eggs and how loved is the child that will be conceived with them?
Wow, right?


When you tune into the beauty of this exchange, things seem to lighten and you begin to feel more connected to the process.


If you begin to see that HER eggs as YOURS, how does that feel?


Some women also wonder if the love they have for their child will be different if they’re not conceived from their own eggs.


If this has been a worry of yours, I can absolutely assure you of this…
You will 100% unconditionally love your child.


Because, while yes you’ll have used an egg donor, YOU are the one who will be carrying and growing your sweet baby in YOUR BODY for 9 months.


You are the one who will birth your baby into the world.




The soul connection that you have with your child goes beyond genetics.


Your baby is already with you in spirit and the unconditional love that you have for them NOW, will not change when you finally get to hold them in your arms.


Making the choice to go the route of egg donation is not always easy, but if it FEELS right for you…


I find that the more you work through your fears, worries or hesitation, the more connected you’ll feel to the process and the better your outcome will be!


Would you like more tips and insight about how to navigate your first or next egg donation cycle?


If so make sure not to miss my workshop:


“Secrets to Fertility Treatment Success: How to Maximize Your Results and Chances of Pregnancy When Going Through IUI, IVF, FET or Egg Donation.”



During the workshop, I’ll teach you…


– How to shift your mindset around your medications so that you can trust that all of the hormones and medications you are taking are safe for your body and doing what they are designed to do.


– How to support your womb lining to grow to its optimal thickness to support your embryo(s).


– How to feel connected to your egg donor’s eggs if you’re going through egg donation.


– How to support yourself in producing and growing an abundance of healthy eggs filled with love and life.


– How to stay hopeful no matter how many follicles they collect or how many embryos are created.


– How to feel connected, excited and hopeful about the possibility of pregnancy on the day of your insemination or transfer.


– How to create a plan to help you experience a grounded two week wait filled with joy and optimism!


– And so much more…


If this is speaking to your heart, I truly hope that you’ll join me for this very special workshop.



No matter which pathway you choose to conceive your baby – naturally or with fertility treatments, I believe the most important thing is that you feel connected to beauty of the process.


It’s easy to get lost in all the to do’s and the technical aspect of becoming pregnant.


So, make sure to remember this…


Each month you open your heart and work towards having your baby…


You are inviting another SOUL,


Another human being,


Into your heart, womb and life.


And that soul to soul connection can cultivate pregnancy magic and miracles beyond what our intellectual minds can even imagine!


Sending you so much love,



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