What Can You Choose For Yourself? - Molly Nichols

What Can You Choose For Yourself?

Self awareness is a way of life for me.

I’m obsessed with wanting to know why I do the things I do.

Why I think the way I think.

Why I feel the way I feel.

This way of living life is not always an easy one.

Truthfully, it takes a ton of personal accountability and responsibility from a place of self love and compassion.

But, it never ceases to amaze me what I uncover and discover about myself.

In my journaling and meditation recently, I uncovered what I believe to be another level of hidden programming.

A hidden belief system that has been running for a really long time.

Perhaps even for many life times.

I see these types of hidden belief systems similar to how a virus impacts a computer.

It slows things down.

Makes things glitchy.

And it can make our other programs not as efficient.

What this new awareness brought up for me is how we can perpetuate the same feelings, experiences and 
situations in our lives…

Over and over again.

In our health

In our relationships

In our families

In our finances

In our work

Without even being aware of it.

And while, yes, there may be a deep level of dissatisfaction that bounces around throughout our lives…

In some way we keep choosing it for ourselves.


Because it’s familiar and in its weird crazy way…

It feels comfortable and safe.

It’s what we know.

This is why change is hard for so many people.

Because, you actually have to CHOOSE something different.

You have to create the space in your life to look within, to find the root, and pull it. (This is my favorite process.)

You have to clear the virus and upload a new fresh software.

You have to CHOOSE to see yourself, your body and what is possible through a different lens.

Not for a couple of weeks or months.

For the rest of your life!

It won’t always be perfect.

And there will be layers.

But, it will get easier.

Now, I am NOT saying that you in any way have chosen your fertility struggles, or the heartache you have experienced in your life and on your journey.

But, you DO have a CHOICE…

💜In how your view your struggles.

💜In how you view your body.

💜In how you show up in your relationships.

💜In whether or not you speak up in your doctor appointments.

💜In whether you put yourself and your needs first.

💜In the thoughts you think.

💜In who you say you are.

💜You can CHOOSE to love yourself unconditionally.

And you can CHOOSE to TRUST that no matter what happens you’ll be okay, that you’re loved AND that you’re WORTHY of all your heart’s desires.

I choose to navigate life through a lens of self awareness and choice because it makes me feel empowered.

I know that even though I cannot control how things will play out in life, I can control how I respond and move through them.

And this brings my soul peace.

So, what about you Love…

What can you CHOOSE for yourself today?

What have you been choosing that you KNOW no longer works for you?

What old beliefs or programs are you ready to clear?

Take a quiet moment to explore what comes up. It could truly change everything for you!

Sending you love and the biggest hug,



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