Where I've Been - Molly Nichols

Where I’ve Been

Oh my goodness, what a year this has been!


So many ups and downs and twist and turns.


I know I haven’t been sharing as much as usual and I apologize for that.


To be honest, I got in a bit of trouble earlier this year in my personal life for some of my thoughts on things and the questions I was asking.


Combine that with all the conflict happening on social media and fear around the state of the world…


At times it was like I couldn’t hear my own voice in my head.


All I could hear (and feel) were the thoughts, fears and opinions of others.


What I can now see is that the fear of persecution (one of my core fears) caused a massive case of writer’s block.


I would sit down to write but nothing would come through fully.


The way I would describe it is like having a clog in my spiritual channel.


As someone who loves to write, it hasn’t been easy feeling like I couldn’t share what has truly been on my heart.


But, I’ve done the inner work and I TRUST once again that I AM safe EVEN when people don’t agree with me or see life through the same lens as I do.


All those thoughts, fears and worries are NOT bad or wrong.


“Deep breath”


Fear does such interesting things to us.


It can be SOOO seductive, right?


Unfortunately, the issue with living a life where fear is in the driver’s seat, is that we get trapped in a cycle of looking to people or things in the outside world to make us feel safe.


This is a trap!


I believe that a true feeling of safety and security can ONLY be found within YOU!


And true TRUST (which goes hand in hand with feeling safe) can only be found within YOU!


Yes, feeling safe and cultivating a sense of trust can be nurtured and supported by others or certain things.


But, what happens when those people change their thoughts, perspectives or are no longer available?


Where does that leave us if we don’t trust ourselves, our bodies, or our babies?


Love, there has never been a time when slowing down and looking within has been more important.


You need to quiet the noise from the outside world to check in with where you’re at mind, body, spirit and baby.


Who or what is in the driver’s seat of your life?


Where is your attention flowing?


What is nourishing your spirit?


Can you hear your own internal guidance?


I know and can feel in the depths of my soul that YOU have ALL the answers to the next steps and what is going to be best on your journey to having your baby within you…




Because YOU are powerful beyond what you can even imagine!


Your body IS magical beyond what you can imagine!


Your relationship with YOUR BABY can defy ALL odds and IS cultivated in an essence of LOVE beyond what you can imagine!


Take a deep breath in this.


Feel this.




Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey and letting me share my heart with you.


Love and Hugs,






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